• January 8, 2018
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 December went by and new year is here. Is time when you go through your memories in the last year and way back and plan new things.

Like you already know, a while ago we started a new chapter in our lives. We moved abroad, we started our blog and so on . . .

But what brought us here? What inspired us and what showed us that there are so many ways to live your life? What give us that desire for new things and new views ?

It was actually few years ago. It was our backpacking through Indonesia in 2014. It was our first backpacking to Asia and the whole experience just gave us so much .. and it still giving us.

This was the thing which opened our eyes and gave us the drill to just go and live it or at least try it.



“How excited we were, it was that good feeling when you are finally doing something that you have desired to do it. When you just jump into something new. “

It was May in 2014 when we bought our flight tickets. We were talking all winter about it and in spring we finally decided: “We will go to Indonesia for 1 month.” Then summer came. While everybody were enjoying summer, we were waiting for September to come so we finally went on our adventure. We didn’t plan so much, we checked what can we do, what can we see, we registered on Couchsurfing, had our budget and we went. First 14 days we couchsurfed for the first time. Yeah, why not directly try also this for the first time. : ) It turned out to be the best thing that we could do.  We met some amazing people that we will never forget. They were so nice to us, they took us around and gave us free bed. But more than this, they accepted us in their lives, they showed us how they live, they told us who they are, what they want to be and do in their lives. We can not even describe how we appreciate what they did for us. They were young people, hungry to meet people from other parts of the world, because they can not afford to go abroad. We had conversations about our lives and that stuff. It was so nice to see how we are all the same, no matter where we are from, what kind of habits we have. We all want love, health and happiness. Basic things that drive this world around.

Our travel went from 14 days in Java: Jakarta, Purwokerto, Yogyakarta (temple Borobudur), Banyuwangi: Ijen and 14 days in Bali: Kuta, Ubud, Lombok and Gili Islands: Gili Trawangan. Of course from the beginning we dreamt about the cool Bali, we wanted to see that awesome beaches and big waves that we saw from the internet. But it turned out that we have the best memories from Java, where we actually had more contact with local people, culture and had better view on peoples way of living.

Before Bali we stopped at Bunyuwangi, where we went on Ijen volcano. Uhh, that was one crazy adventure. But let’s keep it short. First we were really tired of driving by train for 14 hours. But still, we wanted to go to Bali as soon as possible. So we decided that we will go that night to volcano.  Because the first plan was that we find a guest room, get some sleep and the next night go to the volcano. But no, we met some workers at train station who gave us food and suggested us to go in one hour to volcano. And why not, “let’s spare some money and let’s go this night.” And we went. Usually you go with the guide and the group on the top of volcano. But we were more twisted and we just followed them till the top. We came up to the top, saw that blue fire, which was nice to see, but was so sooo cold and windy. We were not prepared for that kind of cold. We should stay and watch the sunrise, but we just went back down. We couldn’t take the cold. So just us two in the night, tired, frozen and with two flash lights walking down the volcano. Imagine that. But story didn’t end there. We came down and our driver with our backpacks wasn’t there. We were looking for him at the parking space like crazy, people were helping us, when we realised that we were looking for the wrong colour of the car. We searched for blue one instead of  green one. Because before in the night it looked more blue. Now we laugh about it, but it that time . . .  : )

Bali turned out to be very touristic place. It was still nice. We chilled on the beach, we tried to surf, went to party, we rented a scooter and went around to see some temples . . . Here we also met our travel buddy, Georgia. Smart Dutch girl, from London. She was living for 1 year in Thailand before we met her. She had vegan restaurant there and she was just 21 at that time. Very mature and she was like our encyclopedia, whatever we asked her she knew it. We just love her. From then on we travelled together till the end.

From Bali we went to Ubud for a couple of days and this was one of our favorite spots. We went from Kuta to Ubud by scooter. We didn’t calculate the kms right. We were kinda brave. Or let’s be honest, we were careless and we didn’t think too much. It was more; “we rented a scooter, lets use it now. We are more independent with driving on our own. It’s going to be bigger adventure.”  Hmm yes … it took us some time to come there. And also driving that cheap scooter and in Asia traffic was crazzzzzy! 🙂 But was super fun and Ubud is really nice, chill, peaceful place. We also had a chance to hang out with monkeys in the Monkey forest (see photos in gallery down below).

Next destination was Lombok. From there we have a little unpleasant story to tell. We rented scooters, we drove around, enjoyed the beaches, Anisa bought there her Bob Marley sareng 🙂 . . . In the end of one day we returned the scooters and went to our guest house. After some time the guy from the renting place came to us and told us that something is wrong, that we need to go back with him to the renting place. We were like ok, that’s weird, what is going on!? So we went there and they told us, that we did a scratch on the light on the scooter. Of course we didn’t do it. But yeah sometimes they do that. And we were stupid, because we didn’t take the picture of scooter before and after.  So we were arguing.  Bunch of people were around of us. They started to really scream on us. We didn’t want to pay them, we just wanted to leave. But one guy said to us that who knows what can happened if we leave without paying. In that moment all of us three girls were like .. wow. What did he just say now?! Little panic, but at the same time our self-defence woke up. Luckily one tourist guy saw that something is going on and he came to us. In that moment everybody calmed down a little bit. We were not just girls there anymore. In the end we ended up in the police station. The police mens didn’t do much. We paid half half for the light just that we could end this situation. It was kinda ruff so the next day we went from Lombok because we didn’t feel good to stay there. But after all this situation we ended up drinking our homemade šnops and some of their stuff with the police men. Yeah, was like some strange dream.

In the next day we were already on Gili Trawangan. Party island. There are no cars or scooters, you can rent a bike or walk around. The island is so small that you can go around the island with the bike. We biked in the hot sand which was not so pleasant, but it was still fun. 🙂 We went snorkling. We swam with the turtles, with colourful fishes between those beautiful corals. Here we also saw the most majestic sunset of our lives. This was also our last destination before we hit back to Bali from where we had our flight back home.

In one month so many things happened. Here is just a short part of our backpack adventure.

We didn’t know exactly where we are going, what comes with traveling to another continent, we were just so excited and sure that this is going to be an epic month. And it was, even with some unpleasant moments. Because we went without any expectations and with

o  p  e  n    mind!

Wherever you will go,  you will see new, beautiful, interesting places. You will meet new people, who will give you even more. New stories, new connections, new culture. They give you new views, which is priceless. But you will saw them, only with open mind!

 We started to see, that there are countless possibilities to live. There is a place for everybody.  And we learnt that is on us, if we really want to see them. Sure we can not understand / see some things right away, but this doesn’t mean that because we don’t understand / see  something is wrong or bad.  Like usually it takes time and patience to understand /see and to be understood/seen.

And yes, we are here where we are now, doing the things we are doing because this travel kick our asses.

So, thank you Indonesia!

Special thank you also to the all people that we meet! You have a special place in our hearts!





December je mimo in novo leto je tu.  Je tisti čas, ko se zazremo nazaj, čas, ko se spominjamo preteklega leta in ostalih let. Čas ko si večina ljudi postavi nove cilje. 

Kot veste, sva nekaj časa nazaj začeli novo poglavje v najinem življenju. Preselili sva se v drugo državo, začeli sva ustvarjati lasten blog in tako naprej . . .

Ampak kaj naju je pripeljalo do sem? Kaj naju je inspiriralo, kaj naju je pripeljalo do razmišljanja, da je ogromno načinov, kako živeti svoje življenje? Kaj nama je dalo željo po novih stvareh in po novih pogledih?

Vse se je začelo nekaj let nazaj. Bilo je najino “backpack” potovanje po Indoneziji v letu 2014. To je bilo najino prvo potovanje po Aziji in celotna izkušnja nama je dala veliko . . . in še vedno nama daje.





“Kako vzhičeni sva bili, bil je tisti dober občutek, ko narediš nekaj, kar si si želel narediti dolgo časa.” 

Bil je maj v letu 2014, ko sva kupili letalski karti. Celo zimo sva se pogovarjali o tem in spomladi sva se le dokončno odločili: ” V Indonezijo greva za en mesec.”  Nato je prišlo poletje. Medtem ko so vsi uživali v poletju, sva medve čakali september, da končno greva na najino pustolovščino. Nisva načrtovali veliko, pregledali sva, kaj lahko vidiva, prijavili sva se na Couchsurfing, zbrali svoje prihranke in odšli. Prvih 14 dni smo “couchsurfale” in to prvič. Ker … zakaj pa ne preizkusiti tudi to. 🙂  Izkazalo se je, da je bila to ena izmed boljših odločitev. Spoznali sva neverjetne ljudi, katerih ne bova nikoli pozabili. Bili so neverjetno prijazni z nama, vozili so naju okrog in nama dali prenočišče čisto brezplačno.  Ampak več kot to, sprejeli so naju v njihova življenja, povedali so nama kdo so, kaj si želijo delati in postati v svojem življenju. Težko je opisati z besedami kako hvaležni sva in koliko ceniva vse, kar so naredili za naju. To so bili mladi ljudje, z veliko željo po spoznavanju novih ljudi iz drugih koncev sveta, saj si sami potovanj ne morejo privoščiti. Imeli smo pogovore o življenjskih stvareh. Bilo je zares čudovito videti, kako smo vsi enaki. Ni važno iz kje smo, kakšne navade imamo. Vsi si želimo ljubezni, zdravja in sreče. Osnovne stvari, ki poganjajo ta svet.

Najino potovanje je bilo 14 dni na Javi: Jakarta, Purwokerto, Yogyakarta (tempelj Borobudur), Banyuwangi: Ijen in 14 dni na Baliju: Kuta, Ubud, Lombok in Gili otoki: Gili Trawangan. Seveda sva od začetka imeli največjo željo videti Bali. Vendar se je izkazalo, da imava najlepše spomine iz Jave. Ker sva tam imeli več stika z lokalnimi ljudmi, njihovo kulturo in boljši pogled na njihov način življenja.

Pred Balijem sva se ustavili v Bunyuwangi, kjer sva šli na Ijen vulkan. Uhh, to je bila nora dogodivščina. Ampak na kratko.  Bili sva zelo utrujeni od vožnje z vlakom, ki je trajala 14 ur. Vendar še vedno sva želeli na Bali, in to čim prej. Zato sva se odločili, da gremo še isto noč na vulkan. Pravzaprav prvi načrt je bil, da najdeva prenočišče, se naspiva in da greva naslednjo noč na vulkan. Ampak ne, na železniški postaji sva spoznali tamkajšnje delavce, ki so nama postregli s hrano in nama predlagali, da greva čez eno uro na pohod, na vulkan. In zakaj pa ne; “Privarčujva nekaj denarja in ja, pojdiva že nocoj,” sva si rekli. In sva odšli. Preostali turisti so najeli vodiča in hodili s skupino na vrh vulkana. Ampak midve sva bili malce bolj zviti in sva kar sledili skupini do vrha, brez plačila.  Prišli sva na vrh, kjer sva videli značilen moder ogenj … izjemno lepo. Ampak bilo je res zelooo mrzlo in vetrovno. Nisva bili pripravljeni na tak mraz. Vsi so počakali sončni vzhod in se potem odpravili nazaj dol. Ker pa nisva prenesli mraza, sva se z vulkana želeli vrniti čim prej. Torej medve,  ponoči, sami, z dvema svetilkama, zmrznjeni hodile iz vulkana. Predstavljajte si.  Ampak zgodba se tukaj ne konča. Ko sva prišli v dolino, nisva našli najinega avtomobila, v katerem sva imeli vse najine stvari. Iskali sva najinega voznika po celem parkirišču in celo delavci so nama pomagali pri iskanju. Takrat pa sva ugotovili, da sva iskali napačno barvo avtomobila. Iskali smo moder avtomobil, najin pa je bil zelen. Namreč, ponoči je izgledal bolj moder kot zelen. Sedaj se temu smejiva, vendar takrat . . .   : )

Bali se je izkazal za kar precej turističnega. Ampak še vedno je bil “cool”. Sproščali sva se na plaži, poizkušale srfati, žurali, najeli sva skuter in šli okrog na ogled nekaj templov . . . Tukaj sva tudi spoznali najino, “travel buddy”, Georgio. Izredno inteligentno, nizozemsko dekle iz Londona. Preden je prišla na Indonezijo je živela eno leto na Tajskem.  Imela je vegansko restavracijo in takrat  je bila stara šele 21 let.  Zelo zrela za svoja leta in bila je kot najina enciklopedija. Karkoli sva jo vprašali, je vedela. Ahh, radi jo imava. Od takrat naprej smo skupaj potovale do konca najinega potovanja.

Iz Balija smo odšle do mesteca Ubud, kjer smo preživele nekaj dni. To je bil tudi eden izmed najinih top krajev.  Do Ubuda iz Kute smo odšle s skuterjem.  Nismo ravno dobro preračunale kilometrov. Bile smo pogumne. Oziroma bodimo odkriti, bile smo brezskrbne in nismo ravnale ravno premišljeno.  Bilo je bolj: “Najele smo skuter, dajmo ga sedaj izkoristiti. Tako smo bolj neomejene. ” Hmm ja . . . potrebovale smo kar nekaj časa preden smo se pripeljale do Ubuda. In vožnja poceni skuterja, rabljenega in v Azijskem prometu je noraaa. : )  Ampak bilo je zabavno in Ubud je res lep kraj, sproščen in miren. Tam smo imele tudi priložnost se družiti z opicami v Monkey forest-u.

Naslednja destinacija je bil Lombok. Iz tukaj imava malce bolj neprijetno zgodbo. Najele smo skuter, se vozile naokrog, uživale na plaži, Anisa je tukaj kupila njen Bob Marley sareng : ) . . . Na koncu dneva smo vrnile skuter ter odšle v naše gostišče. Po nekem času je fant iz našega najemnega prostora prišel do nas in nam povedal, da je nekaj narobe. Da moramo z njim nazaj do najemnega prostora. Ni nam bilo ravno jasno za kaj se gre. Odšle smo z njim in povedali so nam, da smo naredile prasko na sprednji luči na skuterju. Seveda tega nismo naredile. In me smo bile malce nepremišljene in nismo slikale skuterja prej in potem. Okrog nas se je zbralo kar nekaj ljudi. Začeli so povzdigovati glas nad nami. Ker nismo naredile te praske, nismo hotele plačati in smo želele le oditi. Vendar je v tistem trenutku eden izmed fantov dejal, da kdo ve kaj se nam lahko zgodi, če odidemo, brez plačila.  V tistem trenutku smo vse tri bile . . . “Wow …  Kaj je sedaj rekel?!” Zagrabila nas je panika, vendar je istočasno na plan prišla naša samoobramba. Na srečo je en od turistov prišel mimo, saj je opazil, da se nekaj dogaja.  V tistem trenutku so se ljudje okrog nas malce ohladili. Na koncu  smo pristali na policijski postaji. Policisti niso naredili ravno veliko. Plačali smo vsak polovico luči, samo da smo končali to situacijo. Ampak po koncu te situacije, smo končali pred našim gostiščem s policaji, kjer smo pili naš domači šnopc in neke njihove domače pijače.  Hju . . . ja, vse skupaj je bilo kot neke čudne sanje, naslednji dan smo odšle iz Lomboka.

Naslednji dan smo bile že na Gili Trawanganu. Žurerski otoček. Tam ni avtomobilov ali skuterjev, lahko najameš kolo ali hodiš naokrog. Ta otoček je tako majhen, da lahko greš okrog njega s kolesom. Mi smo ga prekolesarile po vročem pesku, kar ni bilo najbolj prijetno, ampak še vedno zabavno. : )  Tu smo se tudi potapljale. Plavale smo z želvami, z barvanimi ribami med čudovitimi koralami. Tukaj smo tudi videle najlepši sončni zahod v našem življenju. To je bila tudi najina zadnja destinacija, preden smo odšle nazaj na Bali, iz kjer smo imele letalo za nazaj domov, v Slovenijo.

V enem mesecu se je zgodilo veliko stvari. Tukaj je napisan le kratek del najine pustolovščine.

Takrat nisva točno vedeli v kaj se spuščava, kam greva, kaj prinese potovanje na drugo celino. Bili sva le neizmerno vzhičeni in prepričani, da bo to eden izmed boljših mesecev. In je bil, čeprav z nekaj neprijetnimi situacijami.  In to zato, ker sva odšli brez pričakovanj in

z   o d p r t i m i   mislimi.

Kamorkoli boš odšel, boš videl nove, čudovite, zanimive kraje. Spoznal nove ljudi, ki ti bodo dali še več, kot sam kraj. Nove zgodbe, nove stike, novo kulturo. Dajo ti nove poglede, kar je neprecenljivo. Ampak videl jih boš le, če boš imel odprte misli!

Začeli sva spoznavati, da je nešteto možnosti kako lahko živimo. Da je prostor za vsakogar. Naučili sva se, da je na nas, ali jih želimo res videti. Seveda ne moremo takoj razumeti, videti nekaterih stvari, ampak to ne pomeni, da je zato nekaj narobe ali slabo, če česar ne razumemo oziroma vidimo. Kot ponavadi, stvari potrebujejo čas in potrpežljivost, da jih razumemo/vidimo in da so razumljene/videne.

In ja, tukaj sva, kjer sva in delava te stvari, ker naju je to potovanje brcnilo v rit.

Indonezija,  hvala !

Posebna zahvala vsem ljudem, ki sva jih srečali. Imate posebno mesto v najinih srcih!