· 40 years of dancing to the world ·

This life is so unpredictable. We were chilling in Anisa’s hostel and there suddenly we met dancer who is actually living what we dream of! He is live example how to dance to the world. . . and he is doing it with sparkles in his eyes for more than 40 years!

Eder is coming from Brasil, after graduating at one of the most well-known dance academies, Julliard in New York, he started performing in theaters, doing musicals, teaching  other dancers and doing dance art all around the world: Japan, Italy, Portugal, UK, . .

We talked and discussed about our dancing world, life perspectives, struggles of being a dancer. . .and we were thinking: “His story and his wise words have to be heard by more people.” So we just grabbed that opportunity and filmed short interview about his dance experience, his advices to young dancers and his views on how to live life. . . passionately and full of love.

He is one of those teachers and dancers who can remind you why you train, why you dance and how you can be successful and happy dancer. . . what we all want. We are returning again to the start – passion and heart.

Thank you Eder for being so humble and for sharing your wise words with us!

Listen interview and read more about Eder down below.