We are proud Slovenian dancers. Usually, when you go abroad, you see more clearly, more objective .. and we are definitely sure that our Slovenian dance is one of the highest one .. in the world! We wanted to get together some of recently uploaded videos of Slovenian women. That you can see them all together and be amazed of our women power that we have in Slovenia.

Boys, we  are saving you for next time. 😉


Nika Kljun, our Slovenian ambassador of dance. She was always  a role model of many dancers in Slovenia.  You can see why . . . her power, strong performance, hard work, passion to dance and the fact that she achieved her dreams ( workshops all around the world, teaching in LA studios, dancing with Jenifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Beyonce . . . ), inspire us Slovenians that it is possible, to reach your dancing dreams !  Take a look how it was when she visited her dance school Bolero in Slovenia !


Nika Burazer for this video gathered Slovenian women force, where she takes us from sensual to sophisticated powerful side of female world. Take a look of this powerful, sexy,  technical performance. 


Anaia is showing us another side of female Slovenian world.  Crazy, weird, funny one.  She brought together funny characters under the name Milkshake sisters and created super funny dance video! Please take a look, it’s gonna put you a big smile on a face! 🙂


Andreja Vakselj and her dance group High heels high hopes representing female hiphop and heels dance in Slovenia. She was the first one who brought high heels classes to Slovenia. We love to see how every year her team is getting stronger and stronger! Go girls!


This is one of our amazing, talented  dance “aliens”.  Her deep feelings in perfect, ridiculous body control is what makes her so unique, so beautiful. Another journey of a Slovenian women who we always love to follow!


Ana Vodišek is one of the strongest dancers in Slovenia. Besides that she always inspires us how she can teach her students dance so  powerful  and with such confidence.  Check her latest combo with some of their students!


She moved to London some years ago and created her own dance path. We love how she shares her art. How she is discovering new movement and how determined she is to share more than just moves. Check her improvisation and follow her dance journey !


Tjaša is a strong dancer, strong performer and she recently build a strong dance community around her.  Her movement can be sexy, strong or sensual.  And you should check her kids in other videos that she shared on her Instagram. Take a look !

A lot of people don’t know where is Slovenia and how strong our dance community is ! That’s why we are happy and proud that we can represent you so many strong and different Slovenian female dancers in one place ! 


January 12, 2018