Men’s time ! After showing you some of amazing Slovenian female dancers it is time to show you some dope Slovenian guys. Here are some of them who recently uploaded dance video. 

CHECK THEM OUT !             


He is official dancer of Chris Brown, we think we said it all. 🙂  His hunger, hard work and high ambitions were seen already in his young age when he was invincible in all hiphop competitions. He created strong male group Maestro which competed in Slovenia got talent and got big recognition. His success in LA and around the world is big inspiration for young generations in Slovenia and you can see why in following video.


Amazing talent. His movement became recognizable because of his big, strong, fast and fluid moves. He was also the choreographer in The Artifex group when they showed up in the Slovenia got talent and started changing the game in the Slovenian dance community. In this video he gathered some of Slovenian strong dancers and made this video crazy smooth !  


Moves, musicallity, feelings … all on point! A young, strong and smart dancer with such a bright future! We are really excited to see where the future will take him. We can see him dancing for famous artist on a big stage! Definitely he deserves it! He is also a part of the very know male group The Artifex. Check out this amazing mover down below!


Matic. Always on point! He was dance partner of Anže Škrube, winner of many competitions, part of dance group Maestro, amazing choreographer well known by his clean, strong and fast moves. We said enough, check him out in this video!


Nik is something else ! His movement is so unique. Lately we can see a lot of  vogue from him and we love what he wrote under this video: “I love Vogue so much because it’s not a style which you can easily learn and it’s even harder to teach. It comes and it has to come right from your being, your core, your life.”  You need to check him !


So here is a another “dance beast”. He can perfectly mix amazing jazz technique and modern urban movement! He is constantly upgrading his knowledge in America and his hard work and dedication make him definitely one of the best dancers in Slovenia! 


Another insane member of The Artifex group. His path took him to London where he built his dancing to another level. He was teaching in Studio 68 and he is also a big influencer for dancers in Slovenia because of his amazing body control, big movement and perfectly dynamic between isolations and fluid movement.

Those are just a few of our amazing Slovenian male dancers and we can not wait to show you others.

Like we already wrote in female dance post, we are just 2 millions of Slovenian and seeing so many amazing movers, just make us super proud to be Slovenian. And at the same time excited because we know that bright future is waiting for them! 🙂