Kaja Elsner was one of our first friends we had mentioned that we want to create our K&A blog. . .  and her first thought was: “Omg, we have to do something together.” Of course we loved the idea which sticked with us until we had a chance to actually do it. The idea was to make a video tutorial – How to do a stage make up for dancers. We realised the idea while we were back in Slovenia for a short week. Also we were very happy to get creative again with Veronika Mikolič, amazing photographer (IG: veronikamikolic) and with Nika Zupančič (IG: nikazupancic), who gave us her amazingly decorated apartment where we shoot tutorial. 

As a dancer you have to know how to do make up for performing on the stage, you are constantly pushed to do it on your own quite a lot of times (competitions, productions, performances, etc..). As a young dancers we were always following our instructions of our teacher or just normally we used our common sense. So. . . a lot of powder, big eyeliner, strong lipstick and we are done right?!  But no, we have to know a little bit more. Kaja is giving us great advices how to do it right. Read them and check the video tutorial down below. 


When you do make up for performing, you have to know that people have to see your face from far away, so you have to apply more and stronger. Kaja explained us every step and what we have to be careful of while doing our dance make up.  


1. Preparation: prep your skin!

do not apply any cream, because as a dancer you gonna sweat and sweat does not go well with the cream.

2. Base foundation: start with the base!

Apply your foundation in your skin colour.

3. Fixing powder: fix that face!

Its really important to apply fixing powder because it is gonna take care that makeup will not move (especially because of the sweat and moving)!

4. Countouring and highlighting: sculpt those and make them glow!

strongly countour around your face and at your chikbones. After that, apply highlight powder (or even better also glitter) above your chikbone and above your lips to make them bigger)

5. Eyebrows: don’t forget about the eyebrows!

follow the shape of your eyes, fill them in and brush them.

6. Smokey eyes: eyes, eyes, eyes!

Basic is smokey eyes. Always start with natural brown colours and slowly go to darker brown colours. At last apply black colour really close to eyelashes. Be careful with black colour because it is really hard to remove it in case you make some mistakes.

7. Lips: define your lips and make them pop!

Use pencil and long lasting lipstick for long effect.

Also when you finish doing your make up, don’t touch your face. Usually your corrections just make it worse not better. 😉

For more advices and all steps watch TUTORIAL STAGE MAKE UP 101 and see more pictures on Kaja’s blog:

What is your best advice for stage make up? Share with us your tricks so we can learn from each other! 🙂