Volunteering in hostel – Way to start living abroad

Many people want to travel more but they are saying that they don’t have enough money. Many people want to start living abroad but there are having insecurities because of not knowing well the country, community, culture and especially because of financial insecurities in the first months of living abroad.

We also got those insecurities and fears before living our homes. But there are some opportunities that can help you out! Me, Anisa, found volunteering job for the first months of living here in Lisbon which was the best way to start living abroad. Those insecurities were definetly gone!

We want to share this experience with you and we hope that we can encourage and inspire you . . . to see that there are plenty of opportunities to discover this world!

When we decided that we want to live in Lisbon, we were thinking about the best option to start living there. Just renting apartment and immediately searching for job was just too much for the start. So I started to search for volunteering jobs at www.worldpackers.com where you can find many opportunities in hostels around the world. On this website you can choose between different offers, different places, different kind of volunteering, and you get contacts where you can apply for volunteering experience. And I was happy to get volunteering position in one of the 10 best hostels in the world – Destination Hostels.

Of course, when I knocked on the door of the hostel I didn’t know what to expect, what I really will have to do, not even where I’m going to sleep excatly, . . and yes, it can be scary a little bit because you don’t know what it is going happen. But already in one day I felt there as at home. Hostel stuff and other volunteers were so helpful, warm-hearted, kind, that there was no problem to build second family.

In Destination hostels each volunteer has to work 20 hours in a week (4 hours per day, 2 days off every week), which is split in different tasks: helping with breakfast (making pancakes, organising and cleaning tables), making beds, doing pickups for tourists and helping with the dinner.

For exchange of 20 hours every volunteer gets free accomodation (in a room reserved for volunteers), free breakfast, discounts with dinner, drinks, tours and many other things.

Free acomodation is important of course, it helps you a lot with saving money, but we could say that even more is importantgetting involved in local community and creating your own circle of culturally mixed friends that can over time become your second family. As volunteer you spend a lot of time cooking together lunches, discovering city, you chill and of course party together. By living together you can get really close to each other which gives you feeling of being at home.

Volunteering abroad can give you amazing opportunity to see the world, because you can save money during travelling. And if you want to start living abroad, this is one of the best ways to start living in some other place. . . you save money, you get big social circle of friends, .. you get amazing life experience!

See the video below of 4 months volunteering, so you can imagine more about our work and life as being volunteer!

If you want to search for volunteering opportunities, you can discover them here: www.worldpackers.com !

Thank you again Destination hostels for everything you have done for me, I will always feel at home there!

Check their beautiful atmosphere here http://followyourdestination.com/ and if you visit Lisbon – now you know where is the best place to be! 🙂 

If you want to get more informations and advice about volunteering in hostels abroad, please contact us, we would love to help you to go out of your comfort zone and simply enjoy this unpredictable and beautiful world!



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